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When it comes to choosing three legends of the world cup, one needs to return in time. Over recent world cups, players of the stature of Germany cry of Holland, zibeline inane of France, of Brazil and Franco bears of Italy are gamers that instantly stick out and that would, under ordinary circumstances be regarded as true legends. If one was to go farther, then there are a range of players who would be regarded. The three players are singled out ever to grace the world cup. It is always going to be an area debate and there is no right or wrong answers but the insight in the players in this article justify their claims to have played the number of football one tournament.

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Pele is the most famous and best loved name to be related to the football’s history. Pele started his world cup romance as a 17 year old with Brazil in 1958, making his world cup debut and becoming. He scored his first world cup goal at the quarter finals against Wales that year but went on to score in the closing in Brazil’s 5-2 win. It had been Brazil’s first win in the world cup. 1962 peel established as a superstar, and he came in the world cup finals in Chile with the world holding its breath expectant of a show by the 21 year old. Regrettably for Brazil peel and soccer fans he was hurt in the game and took no further part. It made little difference to the outcome as Brazil proved again that they were the best group in the world by winning for the second time.

Pele endured a similar fate in the 1966 world cup in England, being kicked by ruthless defending. Badly hurt was he afterwards two group games which brazil and peel failed to qualify from their group and they went home early, much to the disappointment of this English that was massive support for them and him.

Two unsatisfactory world cups left peel with probably just one final opportunity to make amends and he came in the grup piala dunia as part of a hugely impressive brazil team, who were afterwards to be regarded and are considered the best football team ever observed. Throughout that year that is winning, peel was the star of a group full of stars, playing with a number of the most inspired football observed. Pele score four times during their six games winning spree, but his overall play without doubt, motivated his team mates to create some of the largest football ever seen. The first was his outrageous dummy on the Uruguayan goalkeeper at the semi final, where he sent the keeper the wrong way without touching the ball and the second was his quick thinking lob from his own half which went over the bar with the Czech goalkeeper off his line and defeated.

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