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It is very hard to imagine that we can find real joy from the polluted world we live in, facing numerous problems every day, and the reality is that the effort to find joy in such a world is actually a crazy desire as it means that we must close our eyes facing numerous horrors, whereas psychic wellbeing means sensitivity and sensibility. Happiness comes when everybody is happy and if everything is fine. It can’t be an achievement that is selfish. It can accept suffering as it understands its requirement. Happiness is a philosophy of a research life and a vision, which leads to complete understanding concerning everything. Happiness is simple and pure. According to peace, it can’t exist in a place where misery and wars destroy the human being.

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Happiness depends on many transformations. It must come from the people. It must come from experiences, hearts and minds, from inside. kata kata mutiara may locate the perfect solution as a result of its patience and its knowledge. It looks without bias, for the character in many areas. Happiness that is authentic must be based on justice. It needs to be adequate and fair. It has also to give compensation to us and to be pleasant. Perhaps it is if we had been actual, something we can achieve. Happiness can only exist when wearer not puppets and ghosts that pass through life in their short and passing journey, but characters that try to improve something where many things prevent us.

Today, as taught in the scriptures the most neglected truth. Pearl may offer. Paul the apostle prayed that we would have a spirit of pearl. Solomon was the king of Israel. Look at the things which are revealed in the book of proverbs about pearl. Jesus is pearl and Jesus is the pearl of god and god’s power. What we want is a good definition. This is what I have come to learn in the sense of program of pearl. Pearl isn’t knowledge pearl uses knowledge, or employs. Knowledge is information we have gained that has not yet been put to any use. We can have the knowledge of what is written in the bible, while our life does not really change because we do not really see how it applies to everyday life, although the understanding of the word of god is great.

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