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Strong magnets are a permanent magnet that is all but impossible to demagnetize. They come in for classifications based on their composition. These are the neodymium iron boron or nib, samarium cobalt and ceramic or ferrite. Of the four magnets, the neodymium iron boron and samarium cobalt are the strongest. These two are also known as the rare earth magnets because their compounds are derived from lanthanide chain of elements which are considered rare on the periodic table. The nib and smock were developed as early as the 1970s. Alnico magnet is a compound derived from aluminum, nickel and cobalt. It was first introduced in the 1940s. As the alnico is not as strong as the previous two magnets, it can be demagnetized. Alnico magnets are also the least affected by temperature. Hence, horseshoes and bar magnets should be properly cared for to keep them from losing the magnetism.

strong magnets

The most popular magnets today are the ceramic or ferrite. First developed in the 1960s, the ceramic magnets are fairly strong, but the strength of their magnet varies with differences in temperature. strong magnets classified as permanent, they can be made into different shapes including round bars, donuts, rings, rectangles, disks, and custom shapes. Just as the shape of the magnet is important, the manner of magnetizing the magnet is just as significant. Based on the application, the magnet can be configured in many ways. For example, a ring magnet can be magnetized n on the inside, and s on the outside. Or it may be magnetized s on one edge and n on the other. Another configuration is magnetizing the magnet on the bottom or on top.

The strength of a magnet can be indicated on its magnetic fields. The strength of the magnetic fields is measured with two units, the gauss and teals. The size of a magnet influences the strength of its magnetic field. The neodymium magnets are 5 to 15 times stronger than the magnets used in refrigerators. They are perceived to lift 400 times their own weight in steel, and thus utilized in expensive electronic devices and equipment like the hard drives of computers, loudspeakers, and cellular phones. They are also used in medicine and the health industry especially in magnetic therapy to relieve pain and ameliorate the symptoms of arthritis. The astronauts used neodymium to keep muscle ton during space flights. The scanning machines do not function without neodymium within them. On the other hand, the alnico magnets are preferred in industrial applications because of their exceptional linear temperature, good corrosion resistance, and high magnetic flux. Lastly, the ceramic magnets, being the least of strong magnets, are utilized to visualize the sequences of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids. They are also utilized in making decorative magnets.

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