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Surety Bonds are for customer Protection that coincides with licenses and services. Surety bonds are among the oldest types of insurance. Surety bonds are more of a mortgage coverage protecting the customer not the bond’s principal. Commercial Insurance protects your from being sued company. Your company is protected by Commercial Insurance such as liability for injury or property damage like a client or a fire that slips on a wet floor. There are lots of distinct kinds of insurance that can protect your company there are endorsements your business peace of mind and you can buy to give you. With Surety bonds there are no endorsements which you can purchase to protect your company. The bond does not protect the customer or the obligee although you or your organization or whatever statue referenced in the bond form.

Contract Surety Bonds

Insurance indemnifies the policy Holder and safeguards your company in case of insurance claim. A fantastic example of this is O & D Insurance. O & D Insurance protects your spouse’s assets in addition to the personal assets from lawsuits against wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment based on gender, age or race. There are no Surety bonds which would cover this. Surety Bonds indemnify the surety Company and protects obligee or the customer in the event of a claim. In Insurance you pay a carrier covers the remainder of the claim up to the coverage limits. Also you have the option to acquire a deducible to get a premium. With Surety bonds you do not have any choice to have higher or a lesser deductible increase or to lower the premium. The Surety Company must be also paid by you back the surety company for any claim which has been spent by the company.

Surety bonds a required by law to Obtain a permit or to perform government contracts. The government demands performance as bonding experts to ensure tax payers will secure and that the money for a job will be finished. Although some insurance products are required by legislation such as workmen’s comp or liability, they are not required to get a license. Insurance coverage’s limits can be lowered where bond amounts are predetermined by the Federal or State Government or raised and they cannot be changed by the principal. Where insurance policies are not bonds are underwritten like a loan. Indemnification for insurance policies restores the key to the condition they were in before the time of the reduction. Indemnification for the insured in surety bonds revive the company it was occurred.

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